Alors lors de l'instance, chaque salle contient un boss + un effet (room Mechanics).
Explications non traduites. Peut être expliquées sur Discord par contre pour ceux qui n'aime pas trop l'anglais

Room Mechanics

Each room has their own mechanic which makes boss fight more interesting.
Note: The bonus boss don't have room mechanics.

I. Tracking Orb Room
2 orbs spawns from the middle of the room and chase after 2 random player, they dont hit hard arround 20k dmg at 32k+ prestige.

Tactic: We run a double support set up, so most of the time our support (Alchemist+LB) are bursting those orbs with their shields, if you guys play a regular set up (1tank 1supp 3dps) pull trash behind a pillar kill them there and dodge the orbs.

II. Static Orb Room
1~2 orbs spawn random in the room, they do tons of dmg (-60~70% hp without shield at 32k+ Prestige) and also have a big explosion and trigger radius! So be careful! However they do have a activation time about 1~2sec. Respawn time about 30~40sec.

Tactic: Nothing special just spread and don't trigger orbs.

III. Shield Room
Trash packs and boss are shielded.

Tactic: Berserker with shield destroyer is highly recommended or alchemist with +%dmg on shield, boss will recast his shield if he doesn't die fast enough.

IV. Healing Aura Room
Trash packs and boss are surrounded with a red circle, if the circle overlap they will heal themselfs every 10~20sec.

Tactic: AoE burst trash packs, if the boss is the plant one: kite boss, slow adds. Otherwise free kill.

V. Infested Soil Room
Random green AoE on the ground, due to Kamm the mobs hit harder on them.
In my opinion the green infested soil stuff is bugged and actually should do ae dmg while standing on them, however it doesn't at the moment.

Tactic: Pull trash and boss out of the AoE.

VI. Buff Room
Easiest Room so far. It provides 2 different buffs for the Group. Blue: Shield Red: Stun

Tactic: Tank + low hp party member should get shield buff. Support trigger the stun buff.

Boss Tactics

Mechanoid Boss

Laser: Like every laser mechanic in this game, it targets a random player and follows them.
Tactic: Reflect or run from the laser.

Add: At a certain time he will spawn an add which fires a permanent straight laser.
Tactic: Don't stand in front of the add.

Ball: It will transform itself into a ball and spin in a circle. Avoid the damage because it hits like a truck.
Tactic: Dash out if you see him transform.

Phytonide Boss

Shield: If he stands still he will cast a shield on himself.
Tactic: Kite the boss.

Small Adds: He will spawn a big number of small plants. Which heals him if they die.
Tactic: Don't kill small adds. Let tank aggro them and kite them aswell.

Big Add: At some point in the fight he will spawn a bigger add. He will consume it and get a damage buff (boss will turn red).
Tactic: Ignore it and keep damage on the boss.

Mantide Boss

Swirl: He will spawn a swirl below which heals him.
Tactic: Kite him. Sometimes he will get stuck in the swirl if someone stands in front of him while he is casting the spell. So make sure you don't stand in front of him.

Buff: He will apply an buff on him which makes him faster and hit harder.
Tactic: Kite even more.

Demon Boss

Laser: Like every laser mechanic in this game, it targets a random player and follows them.
Tactic: Reflect or run from the laser.

AoE Debuff: At some point he will debuff a random party member with a blue water-ish stuff if the debuff runs out, a purple AoE will spawn under them.
Tactic: If you get the debuff run out of the party and place them somewhere far away, because the AoE area is huge!

Reapers of Death Boss

Slam: Jumps random in the sky and knock everybody around him down.
Tactic: Dash out if he jumps.

Sonic Wave: Sending a sonic wave in front of him and if he channels till the end you will get feared aswell. You will probably die before the fear hits you, because the damage is huge!
Tactic: Don't stand in front of him. Knights and Alchemist can reflect the damage but be careful!

Rocks: Rocks will fall down from the sky. Boss will cast a shield around him which protects him and the party member arround him from getting hit.
Tactic: Stay within the melee range of the boss all the time.

Oceanides Boss

DoT: Casting a dot which do massive dmg. Works exactly like the kraken debuff from MSM.
Tactic: If you get the dot use defense cooldowns or call for a shield from your support.

Adds: Summon small khelps which can be tanked.
Tactic: Depends on the health bar left on boss. If it is around 2~4 bars ignore adds and burst. If not kill adds.

Bonus Boss Fire Elemental

Small Fire AoE: Targets random player and cast a fire AoE below them. Trigger time: ~1sec.
Tactic: Dash out ASAP!

Aquatic Shield + Fire Ring: Aquatic shield will be casted on a random player which gives him an AoE shield within the shield player wont take damage from the Fire Ring. Fire Ring is a spell which the boss cast after the aquatic shield is applied on a random player. He will cast it 2~3 times. It is a one hit kill spell so make sure you are in the aquatic shield.
Tactic: Before the boss fight starts the party should have arranged a fix point where they stack if the aquatic shield is applied. This fight is all about surviving! Make sure every group member is in the shield.
After the aquatic shield vanishes make sure that your support uses a group defense cooldown like immune or damage reduction. As soon as the shield vanishes the boss will cast the small fire aoe on somebody, because you guys are most likely still stacked, it will definitely hit someone.

Adds: Summons weak fire elementals which hits for a lot of damage.
Tactic: AoE burst the adds.